Fruit Loops (By Fernando and Tucker)

By Fernando and Tucker

I love my fruit loops

Them Big colory hoops

Every day I eat those I get a big WHOOP

The sugary meal, a huge appeal

Delicious yet nutritious

Fruit loops are the best

Don’t Believe me?

Put it to the test

It’s better than the rest

Now I eat my fruit loops with a big chow

I eat my hoops, like a cow

This is the end

Fruit loops are better than any kind of blend


Credit: Wikepedia

My First Lakers Game!

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Last weekend I went to a Lakers game. My first Lakers game, and it was sick! For almost the whole game we were tied. The score was 50-52 we were down, then, D’Angello Russel threw the ball up near the back board and Juilias Randle came down with a slam. It was a perfect alley-oop. Then It was halftime. Five minutes before the 3rd quarter started I got a high five from D’Angello Russel and Julias Randle. We ended up losing 112-114 but it was the most fun basketball game i’ve ever been to.

Photo Credit: Mark J Terrill

100 Word Challenge

Image result for scary kiwifruitI woke up to the sound of a roar. That noise was so loud! I saw something it was huge, prickly and very plump. The Creature was so scary I wanted to look away but I couldn’t. I tried to scream but nothing came out. The Monster was fat and juicy. It saw me and roared in anger. Then everything shook. I tried to pinch myself and wake up but it didn’t help. My heart was pounding out of my chest. The Giant Kiwi was chasing me. That’s when I took off my VR headset and went to play outside.

Photo Credit: Angry Fruits 

Our Community: L.A. Lakers

The Laker are an official nba baskest ball team. They have very young rookie players. They are not very experinced yet they can win many games because of how good they work together. They are currentley 10-14 in the nba. My faviorate player to play on the lakers was Kobe Bryant. Now It is D´Angello Russel The Lakers have a good potentail if they continue to work well together.

I’m Back!


Hey guys It’s me Fernando and I am officailly back for blogging season! I know I haven’t been blogging for more than a year but I will start definitely posting a lot more this year so make sure you come back and check out my blog. I promise you’re mind will be blown! So make sure you check out my blog because I’m Back!

The Day My Pencil Pouch Left

One day I was gonna put a pencil in my pencil pouch. But instead I found this:


Dear Fernando,

Hey it’s me, pencil pouch. You probably don’t even remember me. I haven’t been used since last thanksgiving! THANKSGIVING!!! But what makes me really mad is that little pocket gets filled with crackers and stuff, don’t notice some are missing? There is dust on me. I have a few jell pensby the way.

You’re sad and lonely friend,

Pencil Pouch


P.S. There might be something good in there…



Trash today!Did you know that you can recycle plastic? That’s right! Look on the bottom of any plastic item or material and if it has a number of 1-7 and is surrounded by a triangle, your good to go! Plus if you have any pizza boxes or any mayonnaise, all you need to do is wash it out. We should all be doing this because one day trash will overcome land… unless we do something. So what do you think you should do or try to do to help?

Brain builder: How would you recycle body parts? Comment down bellow.