A Poem: Bacon

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Bacon is red I wish it was blue, but other people like it too.

It comes from a pig and which a pig is big but no matter what I cant get enough.

I like to cook seven sometimes eleven because it must taste like heaven.

Bacons the greatest. Its the sweetest, Best for latest .

Have you ever had bacon if not, why not try it? Surely at the store, you can buy it.

Tell me down below be sure to say hello.

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26 thoughts on “A Poem: Bacon

  1. What a great little poem, Fernando. I am not sure though, if i would eat blue bacon. I had trouble eating blue potatoes when I was in America – in my mind, blue is the colour of blueberries not potatoes.

    • Yes I think turkey is pretty good… but not as good as bacon. It is the best! I’ll be sure to check out you’re blog. Thanks!

  2. Dear Fernando,
    I really thought this was an interesting poem, it was funny to read and also showed your opinion! How fun is the idea of blue bacon? I know I would love to try it!

  3. Ha! blue bacon it actually sounds quite good. But even though it is good I still don’t like the idea it comes from a pig. But good poem!

  4. Hi,my name is Lesley your poem was awesome.I love the idea of blue bacon.come to think of it my favorite color is blue ๐Ÿ™‚ :).I like turkey bacon but i like regular bacon the best.Check out my blog at lesley6pm

    • Hi Fernando! I really like your blog. I like eating bacon too! I like the color blue actually come to think of it I kinda am like Lesley for blue. I would like for you to visit my blog at http://blog.elanco.org/graham31w/ and leave a comment if you have time P.S. I would think the blue bacon would have blue food coloring maybe. See you later, Ash

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